You want to get Married. Love Will Find a Way

You may

  1. be worried that certain key family members or friends may not be around in year or mores time
  2. see this as chance to make the most of a limited budget – after all you can legitimately cut down the numbers without offending ( also a chance to cut out those you don’t really want there & have the intimate celebration you always wanted )
  3. be sick of having your life on hold!

These are just some of the reasons we have been given for couples going ahead with their wedding plans.

Uncertainty is the reason given for many for not going ahead.

Whilst we do not have crystal ball we do have decades of experience.  Using it and solutions we have created with couples up to now, we have created an adaptable plan. It is available for selected dates in 2020/21.  All you do is pay our deposit (£700) to secure your day. We will not ask you for any more money until 5 weeks before your date. Then we will assess together how to proceed.

Love Will Find a Way Wedding Package


We have faith in love and know that Love Will Find a Way

This includes

  1. Exclusive use of our Function suite & the use of our grounds for photography
  2. Red Carpet on arrival (weather permitting)
  3. A Ceremony in our beautiful Ceremony room
  4. Chair covers and bows on aisle chairs to colour chosen by you
  5. A Celebratory drink of Pimms or Bucks Fizz & some canapes served to up to 40 people whilst you & your guests enjoy your photography
  6. All linen, glassware, crockery & cutlery
  7. Bows on chairs and some other venue decoration
  8. Topiary at the front door

Cost £1000


This includes all that is the Faith in Love package & adds a Wedding Breakfast – either 3 course or a Traditional Afternoon Tea ( with all the vintage crockery)  and a glass of Prosecco for the Toast , for up to 40 people. We will even include a choice of table centres as well as our chair covers, bows on chairs , cutlery, crockery etc..

This will be an additional £1850


This is the addition of an evening reception for up to 80 people with a light supper

This is an additional £1450

Additional guests can be added to any of these options ( £8pp; £35pp & £19pp respectively)

Please note it will be possible to add the Lets Party element and take it within 6 months of the date of your Ceremony at a date to be agreed between us.

So Love will find a way

All we ask is that if it is legally possible to hold the Faith in Love & Celebrate the Love  elements of the package you will do so. Obviously if you cannot you can choose if you wish to delay the Celebrate the Love element to a later date. In other words the minimum you will have to pay is £1000 and the maximum is £2850.  The evening Lets Party element is optional.

Should things change and it be possible to hold larger evening receptions with dancing and you prefer that format to a formal sit down element – we will adapt the package with you to create the celebration you want with consequent adaptations to cost.  

Please contact us for details and to arrange a meeting to view. Previous generation have faced harder times. Love found ways then. Please Love Will Find a Way – it always does

Take a look at our Weddings page for more information or join us on social media

Celebration of Life Ceremony – a wake to remember & be remember ed

Times have been hard.
Have you , like many people have been forced to say goodbye to loved ones in ways that have been less than they could have hoped? There is a solution. A memorial wake or Celebration of Life Ceremony with wake is a help to lots of people.
You can have and you deserve the opportunity to grieve with the support of our nearest and dearest . What can you do?

Have a Celebration of Life ceremony. This gives you the ability to say goodbye properly. It is an opportunity to grieve.
You will have the chance give to support to those who have been left behind. A chance to show respect for the deceased. It is a respectful and often uplifting way to honor the memory of the deceased.
It can be a traditional style Memorial Service or something different. Our staff will help you to create a fitting and uplifting event.

Here at Heskin Hall we provide a beautiful setting and a sympathetic reception to your and your loved ones needs

Celebration of Life Ceremony

Our staff help you create a ceremony and memorial celebration. We can take the ceremony for you if you wish. Alternatively perhaps a family member wants to do it. Maybe a friend or even a professional celebrant may be involved. There are many options and we can guide you through the process sympathetically.
Our Panelled Ceremony Room is a beautiful setting but you don’t have to use it if you want something less formal. We can go outside if the weather is fine and it is attractive to you as an option.

The Wake

It is traditional to provide some kind of catering at these events. That does not mean that you have to stick to a set style however. Have a light buffet for example ( all most people feel they want) or we can look at dishes that were and are important to you, the deceased or your family.

Enjoy our Fully licensed and reasonably priced bar & that is widely stocked as well as tea and coffee on hand


We have flexible packages for most budgets that start at £8pp

Currently gatherings are still restricted with regard to numbers ( see household rules ). Things are changing quickly. So there is hope we can soon have larger get togethers.
Contact us to discuss how we can help you

Post Covid 19 Weddings

Post covid 19 weddings are a hot question for many people. It’s made the news with many people being forced to cancel theirs.

Things are moving forward now and as we have decades of experience in the field we are being asked for our thoughts on this.

Lots of couples have a picture of their wedding day already in their heads. Some do not. Others have found their values and ideas have changed over the past few months . We have all had to face issues we could never have anticipated and it has made many people reevaluate what is important.

For every problem there is an answer.

So if you want to get married what should you do ?

Our 5 point guide

1.Decide what is important to you

Is the idea in your head fixed? Can you be adaptable or has it changed?
If you are stuck in the minds set of a pre covid celebration then delaying your day may be best. No one knows how this will go but next year seems more likely to be for you. Be aware however that dates for next year are subject to a lot of competition. It is because of this you should look at Booking as soon as possible.

Have your priorities have changed? Were you always adaptable in your plans? In this case this current situation may even be a problem you can turn to your advantage. Prices for Post Covid 19 weddings later this year will be available at great prices because many have moved their big weddings and suppliers are looking for business to fill the gaps.

2. Going ahead in 2020

No doubt you have many good reasons for your choice. Have you already booked and you don’t want to change? Do you want to get on with life? What you feel is important for you could be to have the security of being married.

Large social events are unlikely to be able to go ahead until later in the year or early next year. There is as yet no firm guidance.

Have a plan B. Some of our couples who have already booked with us have chosen to have a small daytime event this year with close family and friends and a larger evening one next year. We are happy to offer this option to new bookings too with the option to have both this year if and when we can.

If you have not yet booked and have always wanted to have a small intimate wedding then why not grab a great budget deal with both venue and other suppliers.

Take a look at our Seize the Day Package for an example of how this can be done

Look at venues with lots of outdoor space. This too could be helpful. We have fabulous grounds you can enjoy

3. Consider your Guests

Do you have any older or more “at risk “ guests? If so the smaller the number of people attending the less the risk for them. Many venues like ours can offer social distancing measures that will allow them to attend the ceremony and even the wedding breakfast in a way that minimises the risk to them

Alternatively take the more “Techy” option of live streaming, Zoom etc.. Save copies of the Order of Service , cake and favours for those who cannot attend.
These modern solutions area great help if you have guests who had been intending to make the trip from abroad.

4. Get Insurance

If you have not booked yet the you should buy insurance when you do. Check the small print and ask probing questions about the cover.

5. Keep Talking

We all know this is a constantly changing situation. Keep in communication with your venue and your suppliers.

They can help you. Each has expertise in their own arena. Ask them . Do not sit at home worrying

6. Stay Positive

Keep positive. Things usually happen for a reason ( that’s not a platitude it really is often true).

As a venue we are always happy to be on hand to discuss your concerns and any changes that you want or need to make. We have decades of experience – take advantage of it.
Be confident in the knowledge that you love one another. You will get married. You will have a great day.

There are always options. Look at alternatives. family, friends and suppliers all want to help you .

Your wedding will be all the more memorable for all of this.

Post Covid 19 Weddings

Seize The Day Wedding

These are strange times.

SEIZE THE DAY WEDDING – A Wedding ready to be enjoyed

If we have all learnt anything it is that time is precious and so are our loved ones. Why not have a Seize The day Wedding ?

You may have thought about getting married but worry about the planning aspect. We can help.

The situation is changing rapidly. At the moment we know get togethers are limited but things are opening up quite quickly. We will probably however, all have to be adaptable for some time. That does not mean you cannot have a beautiful wedding as soon as any loosening of lockdown regulations allow.

Where do I start ?

Why not use our expertise and contacts here at Heskin Hall to good use?

We have put together a team of super local suppliers and have thought how things are likely to be over the next 6 months at least.

Together we have created an adaptable package. Starting small and beautiful with the ability to change as circumstances allow.

Celebrate your love with your closest friends & family . All you will need to add is the Registrar (or Celebrant), rings, guests and yourselves dressed to your best .

The Package

Included :

  1. Exclusive use of our Function suite & the use of our grounds for photography from 10am -6pm.
  2. The choice of the use of either a VW from Warrens Vintage VW or a car from Malvern cars *
  3. Photography by Alporline photography *
  4. A wedding cake* from a local cake supplier *
  5. Red Carpet on arrival (weather permitting)
  6. A Ceremony in our beautiful Ceremony room between 12noon – 2pm
  7. Chair covers and bows on aisle chairs to colour chosen by you
  8. A Celebratory drink of Pimms or Bucks Fizz served to your guests whilst you enjoy your photography
  9. your choice of either a 3 course Wedding Breakfast (Bronze Menu) or an Afternoon tea with our vintage china
  10. All table linen, glassware, crockery & cutlery
  11. Bows on chairs and some other venue decoration such as chair covers
  12. Topiary at the front door
  13. Fairy lights & lanterns on our Garden Terrace
  14. A glass of sparkling wine for the Toast

*Terms & conditions/ limitations apply

The Price Of our Seize The a Day Wedding

The price of this for up to 40- 50 guests is £3000. Inbuilt in this must be flexibility as we are not currently sure how many people will be allowed at events in the future. This is our best guess. Should it be possible to have more guests then if course we can add to this.

We could also add an evening event with a larger guest list ( if this becomes possible). You can “bolt this on “ for up to a total 80 guests at an extra £1000 including a light supper. A DJ would be an extra £200.

Should your budget be fixed but regulations open up your celebration to greater numbers earlier than thought then we can look at other options such as a more relaxed later start (something based on our Twilight package – see brochure) .

Dates are limited – please contact for more details &

Senior Light Bite Menu Tuesday

By popular request we have created a Senior Light Bite Menu Tuesday. From our day to day chats with our customers (we d that a lot) we know a lot of Seniors for example want a light meal option and have canvassed our customers for ideas.

On fine days you can even dine outside on our Garden terrace overlooking our beautiful grounds.

Do not forget we are licensed so you can also enjoy a civilized glass of wine or beer with your meal too.

Our Senior Light Bite menu will change regularly (lets not get boring ) but here are some examples:


Home made soup of the Day – served with a crusty roll & butter

Prawn cocktail – fresh prawns, crisp lettuce, rose marie sauce & a slice of Lemon

Chicken liver pate with tomato & onion chutney, petite salad & toast

Creamy garlic mushrooms served with salad & garlic toast

Mains (all served with potatoes or chips & vegetables )

Roast beef yorkshire pudding & a rich gravy

Gammon & egg or pineapple

Heskin Halls’ Hot Pot with a crust & mushy peas

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable tartlet sat on a pool of tomato & herb sauce



You can choose just one or 2 courses from our menu if you wish & daily specials are available – for example

Fish cakes

delightful homemade fishcakes with a fresh crispy salad

Multicultural Wedding or Asian Wedding

Multicultural Wedding or Asian Wedding

If you are looking for  a Multicultural Wedding or Asian Wedding venue Heskin Hall is happy to work with you to incorporate traditional and cultural aspects into your day. We have years of experience in planning and executing weddings of all sorts of styles. We can cater in house both Halal and fusion menus or if you would like to use an outside caterer for religious reasons we do understand and can work with you on this.

Heskin Hall is a beautiful backdrop to any function. It can add a sense of history and style to you Multicultural Wedding or Asian Wedding. It is also very accessible. Central to most parts of the North West.

We also offer exclusive use so that you can enjoy privacy for you and your guests

Our main function room alone can seat c.120 for formal dining buffet style involving other rooms in the suit can take numbers to c.180/200.

For larger parties there is always the option for the hiring of a marquee to be placed on one of our spacious lawns. These start at c. £5000.

Muslim Weddings

We can cater for your Mendhi, Nikah & Walima in using our function suite of rooms in a manner agreed with you to best suit your requirements.

Hindu Weddings

We understand that Hindu Traditions have requirements all of their own & can adapt accordingly.

There are 2 entrances available if you wish to have the Baraat each side of the family arrive separately and can accommodate a fire pit & Mandap.

Advice on venue dressers is available as well as help to ensure that your day Traditional or Modern goes well


If you would like your Anand Karaj here we can do that . Our Ceremony room is licensed too so you could have both civil and religious ceremony if you wish.

We have a long drive for you Barat and of course would be happy to host your Langar either catering in house or with an outside caterer.

Multicultural Wedding

We are finding lost of couples who are looking to adapt traditions to the modern world and their own style. Multicultural Weddings or Asian Weddings can now take many formats. If that is what you would like then do please talk to us to help create the day you want

Group Visits Heskin Hall Lancashire – schools, clubs welcome


Are you a member of a club or Association looking for a place for a Group Visit?  Want somewhere interesting and a bit different for your Group Visit? We offer packages for groups who book in advance.

For groups (15 or more) we offer a “package deal” at £13.50pp of

  • entrance to the Hall (normally £1.50)
  • 2 course meal : and
  • a talk either about the Hall and its history or about Antiques (or even a “Roadshow style” valuation session),

All our food is freshly prepared and locally sourced.  To cut down costs each person in your party needs to make a fixed choice of main meal each in advance from the following (a vegetarian option is available).  Obviously it makes it easier for us if you could limit the variety of selection between you.

Main Meals:

Steak & Ale pie with Homemade chips and seasonal vegetables

Home made Lasagna and salad

Fresh battered fish & homemade chips with peas.

Sausage with Yorkshire pudding, onion gravy, creamy mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Apple pie & cream

Sticky toffee pudding

Lemon Meringue pie

Your party will also, of course, be free to explore around the Hall.

For groups of 30 or more we will provide the same package (without the Dessert element) for £8.50pp.

*deposit of 10% required on booking.

**Groups not taking advantage of the above are always welcome to view the Hall as normal on payment of our admission charge.  Please give at least 7 days notice to allow us to ensure that our café is suitably prepared.

For school visits just give us a call to discuss your requirements