Heskin Hall

Here are just some of the general questions that we receive… 

What time do you open?
We are open Thursday to Sunday from 11 am – 4 pm. 

Do you have a cafe?
Yes, the Cafe at the Manor is open to all during our general public hours. 

Do you close for weddings, events etc?
Yes, we always recommend to check our social media or give us a bell before you set off. 

Do you accept dogs? 
Yes, we accept well-behaved furry companions into the cafe and hall.

Do you have a carpark? 
Yes, behind the hall is a huge carpark for customers. 

Would you be able to host a Christmas party?
We can host Christmas parties and meals when the time comes we will release this info on our social media and blog. 

Do you offer catering for Events, weddings etc? 
Yes, all our events offer in-house catering. We will consider external catering as long as they can provide the relevant insurance. 

I have an allergy, food intolerance etc.. 
Not a problem, if you are ordering at the cafe at the manor or a guest for one of our weddings etc. Please let a member of our staff know and they will be able to accommodate you. 



Do you have any access for those who are disabled and have limited mobility, etc? Yes, we do have an area where you can park outside the cafe at the manor to park you can walk through to the hall via the cafe and if you park close to the carpark entrance. You can walk around the front to the cafe at the manor door. 

Are there any lifts upstairs? 
Unfortunately, due to the grade-one regulations in place for the UK. The law. states that we cannot fit in a lift as this may damage the architecture. We would love to but we might get told off.