Post Covid 19 Weddings

Post covid 19 weddings are a hot question for many people. It’s made the news with many people being forced to cancel theirs.

Things are moving forward now and as we have decades of experience in the field we are being asked for our thoughts on this.

Lots of couples have a picture of their wedding day already in their heads. Some do not. Others have found their values and ideas have changed over the past few months . We have all had to face issues we could never have anticipated and it has made many people reevaluate what is important.

For every problem there is an answer.

So if you want to get married what should you do ?

Our 5 point guide

1.Decide what is important to you

Is the idea in your head fixed? Can you be adaptable or has it changed?
If you are stuck in the minds set of a pre covid celebration then delaying your day may be best. No one knows how this will go but next year seems more likely to be for you. Be aware however that dates for next year are subject to a lot of competition. It is because of this you should look at Booking as soon as possible.

Have your priorities have changed? Were you always adaptable in your plans? In this case this current situation may even be a problem you can turn to your advantage. Prices for Post Covid 19 weddings later this year will be available at great prices because many have moved their big weddings and suppliers are looking for business to fill the gaps.

2. Going ahead in 2020

No doubt you have many good reasons for your choice. Have you already booked and you don’t want to change? Do you want to get on with life? What you feel is important for you could be to have the security of being married.

Large social events are unlikely to be able to go ahead until later in the year or early next year. There is as yet no firm guidance.

Have a plan B. Some of our couples who have already booked with us have chosen to have a small daytime event this year with close family and friends and a larger evening one next year. We are happy to offer this option to new bookings too with the option to have both this year if and when we can.

If you have not yet booked and have always wanted to have a small intimate wedding then why not grab a great budget deal with both venue and other suppliers.

Take a look at our Seize the Day Package for an example of how this can be done

Look at venues with lots of outdoor space. This too could be helpful. We have fabulous grounds you can enjoy

3. Consider your Guests

Do you have any older or more “at risk “ guests? If so the smaller the number of people attending the less the risk for them. Many venues like ours can offer social distancing measures that will allow them to attend the ceremony and even the wedding breakfast in a way that minimises the risk to them

Alternatively take the more “Techy” option of live streaming, Zoom etc.. Save copies of the Order of Service , cake and favours for those who cannot attend.
These modern solutions area great help if you have guests who had been intending to make the trip from abroad.

4. Get Insurance

If you have not booked yet the you should buy insurance when you do. Check the small print and ask probing questions about the cover.

5. Keep Talking

We all know this is a constantly changing situation. Keep in communication with your venue and your suppliers.

They can help you. Each has expertise in their own arena. Ask them . Do not sit at home worrying

6. Stay Positive

Keep positive. Things usually happen for a reason ( that’s not a platitude it really is often true).

As a venue we are always happy to be on hand to discuss your concerns and any changes that you want or need to make. We have decades of experience – take advantage of it.
Be confident in the knowledge that you love one another. You will get married. You will have a great day.

There are always options. Look at alternatives. family, friends and suppliers all want to help you .

Your wedding will be all the more memorable for all of this.

Post Covid 19 Weddings

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