Lantern Dining Room – Best Restaurants in Chorley


EXCITING NEWS – We have a new chef! He is Irish & Proud!  His aim is to gain a reputation as one of Best Restaurants in Chorley and we are sure he will do that if the initial reports from our customers are anything to go by.

Do not expect haute cuisine here, only a plate FULL of good food. We use the best locally sourced ingredients and prepare our food freshly for you.  Its a dining experience not a dash and its more enjoyable for that. So if you are looking for a day or afternoon out featuring some good food in a relaxing atmosphere why not try us?

From tasty sandwiches to delicious full traditional roast dinners and lots of surprises in between we are ready to thrill your taste buds and fill your stomach!

Reviews of our wedding & party food are always “Delicious” ” fantastic” & “the Best”!  Being made fresh makes all the difference.

We know that Lancashire has some of the best producers of ingredients in the country and we have sampled many to find the best we can for you. If you start with the basis of good ingredients you get a meal that excels in taste.

A beautiful building and grounds and good food – how can we fail to be the best restaurant in Chorley AND BEYOND!!!!!!


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